"Personalizing the Yoga Experience"

Farmhouse Yoga retreats


Farmhouse Yoga: Retreats

At Farmhouse Yoga, retreats are a big part of our mission and offerings for our space. 

Retreats can be anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours long. 

They provide an amazing opportunity to dive deep into self care, have an extended connection with your practice and explore nature with our outdoor farm space and practice area. 


Seasonal Retreats

Farmhouse Yoga strives to offer a retreat seasonal; experiencing all the different views and changes each quarter has to offer. 

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter retreats.  


Private Retreats

Farmhouse Yoga also provides you the opportunity to customize a retreat! 

Benefits of a private retreat:

-Pick the date & time for your retreat

-Have the group be exclusive to your friends/family only

-Customize your entire day at Farmhouse

-Receive a tour of the farm & see the animals

-Much more!

ALSO: If you coordinate and schedule a private retreat, with at least 5 participants, then your ticket is FREE!