"Personalizing the Yoga Experience"

Class Offerings & Descriptions



Restorative yoga focuses on surrendering the body and mind, letting go of stress and tension, and tuning into the power of the breath. This class is slow-paced, ground based, and requires mindfulness. Each pose is held for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, seated or supine. Poses are appropriately paired with blankets, bolsters and blocks to help you feel fully secure and comfortable, letting you naturally relax. This class provides an environment to achieve relaxation and renewal. Options to add on candlelight and aromatherapy, to increase the relaxation response.  An all level class, no prior experience necessary. 



Yin yoga is designed to target the areas of the body rich in connective tissue (hips, pelvis, hamstrings and spine). A passive, slow and quiet practice involving variations of seated and supine poses, typically held for 3 to 5 minutes each. Poses are paired up with the appropriate prop(s), to help you meet your edge. Yin requires mindful breathing and concentration, as poses challenge you to release and sink in deeper.  An all level class, no prior experience necessary. 



Gentle yoga has an emphasis on building awareness of the breath, while stretching and relaxing the body gradually. Basic poses are practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment and finding openness in the body. A practice that explores variations of seated, standing, and supine postures.  An all level class, no prior experience necessary.  

Vinyasa / Flow


For vinyasa classes, think connection, synchronized, and flowing movement. Vinyasa classes are designed to link each movement and pose with an inhale or exhale, matching breath with movement and providing smooth transitions. Structured to build some heat within the body, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and also release the mind. 


Slow Flow:  A Vinyasa structured practice, slowed down a bit. Designed to let you experience each breath and find your movements, at a slower pace. Great for a beginner or someone who needs to find balance in their fast-paced practice. An all level class.   


Powerful:  A Vinyasa structured class, kicked up a notch! Movements are faster, more advanced and designed to challenge you. An excellent way to build your practice and/or current exercise. 

Some prior experience recommended.

Need assistance choosing?

If you are not sure which class, from the above, best fits your needs, style, or goals... message us! 

It can be confusing sometimes, let us help. 

The Farmhouse Extras

Add onto your experience, at no cost, making it personal

  • Candlelight 

  • Aromatherapy; diffused and/or with hands on assist 

  • Music from your favorite artists